Happy birthday!

Meev2022/06/29 18:02

Cunning is dangerous, even when communicating, and does not allow you to immediately determine the presence of hidden enemy intentions, which later suddenly appear. In other words, deception is what such a person does.

Happy birthday!

I wish you that all adversity hastens, and your future will be filled with the light of joyful happiness. So in your family, where you are without a doubt the head, advice and love prevail so that your health becomes stronger! And we, all your relatives, never promise to disturb you!

All your friends are happy that they can wish you a happy birthday! We all want you to remain the same true friend, caring husband and loving father! May warm words from relatives and friends be heard in your address for many years to come on this day!

We wish on this day that happiness never leaves you, that health does not decline with age. May each new day be better than the previous!

On this brightest day for you, we wish you happiness and warmth. Let only joy cross the threshold to your house, and worries always remain outside the door!

We always want our birthday boy to keep spiritual youth because youth is a wonderful expectation of beauty, it is a feeling that everything is possible, everything is within your power. We wish you health, happiness, may success and good luck always accompany you!

People are different. Unfortunately, there are existing people who are gray existing people. There are people who have a kind of charge in their souls, an explosive apparatus of cheerfulness, energy and joy. Our "newborns" are just such a type of people. He is cheerful and everyone around him receives such a charge from him. So let's proclaim a toast to our hero. We wish him good health, happiness, many years of life. We want you to always carry the torch of a happy attitude and always warm our hearts!

Happy Birthday! May the most amazing dreams come true, may the universe help you, and may luck haunt your family indefinitely! Wherever you are, there is always fun, good and interesting! Become the same wonderful man! Congratulations! Hooray!

Happy birthday, old man! With all my heart I wish you an endless variety of life, deep mutual feelings, reaching impressive heights, endless travels and a big cozy home! Let everything in life develop and show itself! Congratulations!

Our glorious husband, happy birthday, cooking and cake! May this day be the beginning of a new happy life! Take all the best of the past with you and forget all the negative. Dream your future and make it a reality! And I also wish you material prosperity in all the years of your life!

An amazing, multifaceted, unusual, solid and respected friend! From all my internal organs, I congratulate you on your day! May all the good you do for people come back to you with vengeance! May there be no room for betrayal in your life! Health for you and vitality! with day!

My dear friend! I want you to realize your dream, achieve all the goals that now seem unattainable, earn the money that is now not enough for a happy life and love as hard as it seems impossible today! Be happy today and always! Happy Birthday!

On my birthday, I wish everything was perfect. So if the career is successful, if the salary is decent, if friends are true, if the family is strong. If cognac - then with exposure, if the car - then new, if the rest - then the most active. And may the bird of happiness always circle around you!

By taking this opportunity, I wish you luck to be your faithful companion, that every minute of a long life is beautiful, that your beloved wishes come true as soon as possible, and that your dreams come true. I wish in fate a good wind, good weather, sunny days.

May you be truly

appreciated at work, may love and mutual understanding reign in the family, may children rejoice in their successes! May there always be loved ones around you, may there be peace in your soul and happiness in your heart!


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