Friendship trgedy

Park Raana2022/06/29 10:32
Friendship trgedy

At that time I was in college and had spent almost my till that time quite unsolicited so I had no sense that what's true friendship is like or what love feels like. At that time I started talking with a boy on social media (Instagram) he was 6 months younger then me. He was sweet and very ambitious guy. He made me forget about my sorrows whenever I talked to him, at that time both of us were going to turn 18. During that time my sister got divorced and all of my family was greing by their self no one knew what we should we talk with each other I found my solitude in him. But I forgot to mention I am from a quite reserved family so they'd never approve of a friendship between a boy and a girl deep down I knew I was doing wrong to both of us as far as I knew he was developing ping feelings for me that wee more than a friend but I shrugged it and ignored it. But eventually I wasn't able to keep it a secret from my mother as she was the one whom I considered most near to my heart and the most understanding person in my life. So I told her about him for a few days she didn't mentioned anything about the new foun information but after a week she called me and asked me to listen to her carefully and waht se said afterward my world came crashing down or you can say my fantasies came crashing down and somehow my father heard all of it and things exclated quite quickly and my father and brother snatched my mobile and swore at me that is thus the reward you're giving us for putting our trust into you and I got grounded and they asked me to block him right away and banned my mobile for 6 months but before blocking him I said sorry to him and said nothing can't happen even though it broke me I had to do it otherwise my father was threatening to find him and his parents and teach them a lesson, that lesson would stay life-long with them so I sealed my heart and cut of all ties with him. What broke my heart further that he said 'I LOVE YOU' before I blocked him its been 3 years but I'm still not able to forget him hisand his sweetness I just wished that I from somewhere i' D know that he's happy and living his life to fullest.

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