"everything but love"

Bisma Nadeem2022/06/29 07:58

I wish it wasn't you who did this to me.....

"everything but love"

There are times when a burning knife slits your insides

To your surprise, you don't even realize

you stopped loving the people you would love forever

You become so tired of wanting them to change their mind,to turn back to you

That you wish there's no end to the bridge they're walking on

You have no desire left to pick them up

You want them to keep falling and never reaching any end

You think it's all cuz of their past

But they only know how to ruin now

They've reached that point of worst that it hurts when they do good

You can't say it out loud what they whisper to you

It's something you never thought someone can even think of

They dig your wounds then cry with you

They make your home be the first place to run from

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