Siemens2022/06/29 04:49

My two little kids usually get along very well. And I'm not one to often send them to their room to "punish" them, in large part because in this day and age with technology and such their room is one of their favorite places to be. Nonetheless, very occasionally if they do get into an escalating squabble with each other, I have told them to go to their rooms. My main intent is for them to each cool off, realize they were acting out of character, feel genuinely sorry and disappointed, remember who they really are as kind loving individuals, and remember how much they love and appreciate their sibling who is ultimately a great friend too. After all that, they easily go back to playing with each other happily as family and friends. If there are some silver linings to this whole coronavirus and social distancing ordeal, I hope that's one of them. I hope a lot of people find themselves, their true selves, in this time. I hope people realize the only place they will find a savior or demon

Dear friends

I hope many humans come out of their homes as this pandemic calms down with a re-discovered appreciation for their fellow human. As this pandemic calms down, I hope many humans come out of their homes with some of the hate, resentment, fear, and rage washed away to let the mutual love underneath shine through a bit more, like my kids when they emerge from their rooms, after a fight, calmer and more in touch with their true selves. As this pandemic calms down, I hope some of this time separated allows loud minds to become quieter, for lies are louder and more numerous than simple truths. I hope this time separated allows us to re-appreciate what it means to have each other and be together, to love one another from a calm, open, bravely vulnerable, honest state of mind, a state of mind in which the mind is our servant not our master, our vessel not our cage, where we are calmly and lovingly “in control” not so-called “out of control”.


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