Pain of war

Nace2022/06/28 23:20
Pain of war

It pains all over, I feel my body going numb. I see bombs, and missiles flying all around, my home destroyed

I wish I had autism, I wish I could not feel this pain and suffering anymore, the pain of war, the pain of seeing the ones I love so dearly get killed by bullets.

Please stop! Please! Don't destroy my home land please don't destroy what my parents work so hard to build.

No, I won't let this happen! I am going to fight till the end, I won't let them wipe my country from the face of the earth.

I won't let the future generation say there was once a great nation full of culture and tradition, but it was destroyed in the war.

I am going to fight till the end.

This poem is dedicated to the men women and children in Ukraine


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