Bisma Nadeem2022/06/28 15:55

Freedom exists where?

Above the sky? In the depths of ocean or beyond this life?

I've heard cries of birds, screams of water and the souls screeching behind the veil

They didn't find freedom

There's no escape then?

You're trapped inside your own bones

Squeezing from all sides


Is there light to this dark?

My dark, nothing like yours

We're stuck in different shades of dark

But we are looking for the same light

Does that mean our destination is same?

Paths led us on different directions

Sorry for them who died before the path ended

Will that light be our freedom?

Or we will murder that light too with the dark of our hearts?

What is the emblem of freedom

Smile or tears?

Sometimes smile isn't enough

Sometimes tears aren't enough to drain away the pain

The emblem is unknown just as the destination of freedom

Is freedom an illusion?

A hope to just move on

On a path of hoax,till the end comes

And you fall in,what's underneath the path...

If freedom really exists

So my soul,

Where it goes?

Every night I sleep

It always get stuck into chaos of my dreams

Where's freedom?

It's where

I set my soul free

I've to set myself free from the thoughts, the thoughts that shows only the wrong side of picture,

Ruining my perspective

Once optimistic soul become pessimistic now

The perspective is wrong,the thoughts are depressed and this soul....

Oh it's trapped....


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