My Love

Favorite2022/06/27 15:25

Going through life hurdles and challenges is something which can be tiring, waking up in the morning and meeting the same situation of yesterday is discouraging that you begin to wonder the essence of a well and comfortable sleep. Drowning your self in alcohol still brings back the problem after some hours and your back to square one.

Irrespective of those challenges and unending difficulties, when I look into your face my love, I know that those challenges are just a mirage covering the real thing, when I look into those charming, captivating eyes of yours my love, I see the one who is looking up to me and believing so strongly in me like a child looks unto the mom.

That's why when I go through those difficulties, I always have you at the back of my mind because it helps smooth everything my love.

I love you so much my love, you're not just my happiness, you're my lubricant


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