My mother

Fwesh2022/06/27 14:48

..."Mother" she called again. This time louder than first time, but there was no response from the woman in front of her.

She had called over and over, trying to know what had gone wrong. To know what she had done to receive such a treatment from her birth Mom

Mother! She called again as she advanced toward the woman who still maintained her position.

"I thought I had established a daughter-mother relationship" she asked herself but got no response.

She moved closer again, close enough to see her Mother's face. Although the room was dimly lit, she could see the pale look on this woman's face.

She didn't look like the Mother she once knew;

The mother that cuddled her and told her "all was well".

The mother who gave her comfort when she cried.

She didn't want this to happen again, for she had lost her Mother before and it took her a long time to find her

Now she had lost her again.

And this time, there might be no finding her

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