Lust - Ones (A Short Poem by Alex O'bor)

Alex O'bor2022/06/27 13:49

God forgive us for falling in d face of emotional storm. The Sower eventually reapeth, yet the cycles never cease but seem to in pace increase. Lets pray for the peace that flows with freedoms' breeze and embrace wisdom too by staying kms away from all apearance of evil. Lets spread the word to our people that we may soar high like eagles..., AMEN NB: "This poem was inspired by a song titled Lost Ones by American rapper; J Cole."

Lust - Ones (A Short Poem by Alex O'bor)

Lust Ones

Sore burning desires levied on a depraving soul
Pressured Intimate impulses running through veins
Fighting the urge but The flesh is the foe

Blood-streaming sexual homornal feelings possessed in our genes
Lustful souls on the streets prophecing canal thoughts
Singing songs of love across the naked hills
Its only Deceptions of running head over heel
Dispersing words of lust

Lust ones
The females loose tits, horns and split thighs
The males hits spot, spits semenial tears and cries
Breeds infatuations invoking swelling bellies on the eve for 9s
Sex in the city, however whenever
Forgot to use the prophylactic cover
Non flow; No plans raising a family tree

He now ebbing & horsing his way out, desecration sighs
Recommendations of ceasing a fetal leave outta the tree and be free
Hands stained with Bloods of the unborn
Killed the innocent daughters and sons

Oh Lost Ones
What a shame
Who to blame?
My hormones or the hoe-ones?
Fighting hard these feelings, but who won?
It seems the hoe won

Delilahs in sheep skins snatching souls to prey
Lord please forgive a depraved soul
'Cus the story been told is me; Warring against your words, stead of fighting the foe
Oh Lord forgive a dying soul.


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