A Positive Change Through Help

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It's a short story which aim to inspire and encourage is to help people who are in need which might indirectly lead us to our destiny helpers.

Read and learn..

A young man was coming back from a market, he met an old woman who was carrying an heavy load on her head.

She pleaded on the young man to help him with the load to her house, the young man yield to it and assisted her. He took the heavy load from her to her house.

The grandma who so excited over what the young man did. While the young man was astonished where the old woman is living. She is living in inside a bush where people aren't staying.

While he was still astonishing, the old woman noticed it and told him not to worry that she's fine living in here. The young man was sad and say, " How I wish God bless me, I would have taken you out from this bush to a better place. "

The old woman smile, and reply him, " God will bless you. " The young man just respond, " Amen " then he left the grandma.

As he was going back home, someone called him, it was the company he had applied job on where he was rejected. The called him, telling him his application has been approved.

As he wanted to smile then he received another call from another company he had applied job on, the company told him his job application has been approved.

He was so excited and began headed back to the grandma house then another call came in again, this time around is from his friend who ran away with his money over a million naire, he called to pay him back and he did.

The call keep coming in, on his way to the grandma house, he recovered all the money people had taken away from him and two approved job worth over five hundred thousand naire (500000) monthly salary.

When he get there, he couldn't find the old woman nor the house. He was confused and began contemplating. Later on he went and took some people there to confirm if there's house there and people told him, no house is built there neither has anyone see a building there.

Later on he realized God has visited him through his kind heart and blessed him exceedingly.

Dear reader, hope you learnt a lesson from this short story? Always help people, it could make a way for you. And always be patient, God's time is always the best.


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Writer: Ndubisi Omeke

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