Mystery man

Saviocassidy2022/06/26 10:51

As it was told in the days of yore

when this God was strange to us

where all elements represent

a small deity.

White fathers insist

We must desist from tree gods

And follow their instructions

Their attitude to us was

As if they were demi gods

To us then we never knew

The are men raised amongst men

To be the mediator between man

And the divine

Of course, they weren't of my colour

Truly, we left all the deity

For this salvation- that is of apostolic

And vow that there our life stands

When the white father wish

To reduce our mission schools

To the low standard

We all want to denounce-

But it was of bold mind

That insist we have believed

And worship to a point

Of no return

This bastion of faith of today

Was save by twelve strokes of the cane

For laughing at the white father

Our fathers did insist

We should swot the ways

Of the white fathers

In the midst of smoky clouds

With scent of burning incense

Comes the man in white robe and biretta

So enshroud with the power of open sesame

Harketh not your heart if you are chosen

Many are called, few are chosen

O! He is raised amongst us

Bestow with the power to call down God

He is of the order of mechizedek forever

Alter christus


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