Lucid Hallucinations👤💘💘

Falcon2022/06/26 00:39
Lucid Hallucinations👤💘💘

The deeply colored night sky

Your image that can't leave

After it has woken me from my sleep

It is kissing me again

Your voice

that whispered I love you,

Your scent

I hear it in my ears every day

Where are you?

You’re hidden in a place where I can’t see you

The pain you received for me

When my anger becomes one

I’ll chase the lost memories from the deep sleep

I want to find the real me that is not you

But the bruises in my heart are too big

I try hiding it but the hidden "guys" in my heart appear and wake me up

On the other side of my horrible memories I met you

You embraced even my lost feelings

Helping me get up from being broken

I won't let go of your hand, which I'm holding tightly

I’m trying to erase the nightmares

I’m trying so hard

In this place where I trapped myself.


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