"Altercity", 22.06.2022

Rina Blue2022/06/24 09:59

I already said that I'm writing a book (actually, there're several). This poem is something of an introduction to my story.

"Altercity", 22.06.2022

In the city of alterlife
The shifting shadows rule,
They're eager to get inside your mind
Under the blinding moon.

So come and take if you dare!
I fear disappointment awaits.
The darkness is coming, beware!
Let me feel that sweet taste.

In the city of alterlife
It's normal to obey the strong.
I found my place, almost alive.
But perhaps I was wrong.

It was scary, but now we're free,
Children of the endless night.
It's not what we expected to be:
To exist we must fight.

Among millions, we get mixed up,
We disguise, we sneak, we wriggle.
We aren't meant to drink the sunrays.
Through the centuries our red lines stretch.
Forever fenced off.
They call us Nav'.

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