The sweetness bitter

Imam Sarafadeen2022/06/23 20:04

The sweetness bitter is a poem that talks about how sweet love is and how bitter love is.

The sweetness bitter

The sweetness bitter, indeed love is

It gives life to lovers, makes life easier,

And it heals the wounded parts.

Love is delicious

It gets more sweeter when I fell in it.

I feel like I have had everything in this life,

What else am I looking for?

I'm blessed,

Indeed i am; to have her as my lover,

She seems to be more beautiful everyday,

What a wonderful angel she is! And,

What an amazing journey it was!

The bitterness sweet!

Love is bitter,

After I fell in it. I realized,

That love is everything and everything is love.

It restricts me,

It affects my thinking

It wrongs my writing,

What a regretful journey it seems!

Indeed I'm wrong,

To keep thinking that love is life.

And I said it gives life, but it also takes life.

Now I'm scared, after I've put my legs in the river,

I'm beginning to feel cold.

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