"Sleepwalking", 22.06.2022

Rina Blue2022/06/22 19:58

Sometimes I feel like a sleepwalker 💫

"Sleepwalking", 22.06.2022

Lying in my bed, I hear a voice,
But I don't know where it comes from.
And I can taste the salt on my lips.

Silence will swallow any noise.
Lost in thought, I'm far away from home.
I realize I'm alone on this beach.

So lonely...
Waves carry the sand away,
Bare feet in the cold water,
Thoughts become darker than this cloudless night.
I'm drowning...
So many stars in the sky,
But I know I'm so far from them.

It could be dangerous, -
I can hear the sirens' songs.


Friendship is as fragile as crystal,
Maybe it was only important to you.
But they don't care, and it hurts like a knife.

As the years go by, we grow wiser,
But don't be in a hurry to hurt the other.
Just open your heart, be free, be wild!

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