Leugreat2022/06/22 13:23


Someone said life is a GAME.

Another said it's a journey to FAME.

Dunno how you see it, but Life is more than a NAME.

It's as if my life is TUMBLING.

Don't know what to do, I keep STRUGGLING.

I asked men for help yet they keep FUMBLING.

I entered into DEFRAUDING

I became unpredictable and began SINNING.

I went to my pastor, he says I should keep PRAYING

As if, if he tells me the truth I would stop TITHING

He knew the truth about me yet he kept REFERRING me to one Jesus.

I became angry because this was UNEXPECTED

I became more FRUSTRATED because my life was CAPSIDED

I Finally DECIDED To commit suicide

Then I heard a voice that RESOUNDED

With a clear dexterity in his Voice, he said

My son Death is the only way to RELAXATION!

In a moment I heard another voice

My son You Don't have to commit suicide to gain FREEDOM

I am the way, the truth and Life; why not belong to my KINGDOM

What do you think, will he use his WISDOM?



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