Global Peace

SM Wasif2022/06/21 15:41

Every person in this world has the right to live on any belief, doctrine or idea. No body has the right to impose his/ her own philosophy on others.

"every person is born free from his/ her mother" says Omer the great. When Adam was sent to this world along with Eve and started getting children, they all belonged to one family. There were no differences of religion, caste or creed. Neither of any nationality or area wise differences were there.

The children of Adam and Eve spread to different areas of the world with the passage of time. They forgot the teachings of Adam and God sent another prophet among them to remind them the teachings of Adam and the right path to follow the commandments of God. In this way God started sending a new prophet after every big deviation of people from the right path and the disturbance of peace. Some people accepted the new prophet while many refused and remained with the previous prophets. This led to the different religions in the world. While living in different areas of the world they divided themselves into different races, tribes and nationalities.

Today we have forgotten that we are the children of the same father and mother and fight against one another in the name of religion, race, creed, caste and nationalities. The two world wars were fought in the name of nationalism. Every powerful nation uses to snatch the resources of the weak nations.

Let's spread the message of brotherhood and peace among all the nations and religions as we all belong to the same family and the children of the same father.


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