Unspeakable love

Fatizah2022/06/21 13:40

Things are not really the way

I imagined them to be

I keep waiting for the love

That am certain was never going to come

No matter how hard I tried

It's always impossible to portray

At first I thought it was all love

But little did I know that

It was just my illusion

It was all nothing but friendship

And I misquoted it all for love

I could still clearly remember your words

When you said you are not ready to date anyone

When I told you how I feel about you

But you rejected it that instant

Saying we can't never be more than just best friend

My eyes were filled with an invisible tears

My heart was crashed between pains

And my face was covered with fake smile

Making you believe that I was okay with your decision

My heart still failed to believe your words

It keeps wondering what exactly could be between us

Could it be Love or Friendships?

Because from the look of your eyes

I see nothing but an unspeakable love

You wish, you could say it

But you are scared to admit

You keep saying you don't believe in the word 'LOVE'

But you hate it so much when you see me talking to others

Little did I know that you're lying to your heart.


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