Thebeezybee2022/06/21 09:09

Do You Know Blessings Come Differently?

We enjoy Blessings every day. They come from God through persons; especially those we least expected. πŸ™‚

I do see these three little kids on their way to school; when going to work sometimes. When I see them, I do ask briefly about their mum and dad because I see them going to school all by themselves.

So today I got set for work as usual.Β While leaving the house, the clouds turned dark. You know what that means πŸ™‚.
Since I was to walk to the bus stop, I had to double up my steps; no need no catwalks. 😁

Different private vehicles drove passed as I walked along the road.
Suddenly, one stopped in front. I thought they were waiting for someone so I walked passed.

The driver called my attention asking me to join them. I went close to the vehicle to be sure. He said "Your kids are in here. Where are you heading too?". I was a bit confused as I greeted him and the lady in front of the car. I told them were I was headed.

"My kids?", I thought as I entered the car. While inside, I looked at the children. Guess what? These were the kids that I do see at the bus stop on my way to work. πŸ™‚

They greeted me with all smiles and the mum asked how they knew me. They responded, "we do see her on our way to school". I don't know the parents and the kids? I only see them when going to work; but they told their parents to give me a ride. (I was all smiles while in the vehicle wondering on how amazing children could be πŸ€—).

I had it in mind to stop at the bus stop so I could join a bus; as they were going to a different destination.

Guess what? They took me to my destination. Wow! I was really grateful to the family (especially the kids).
They saved me the stress of trekking to the bus stop, struggling to join a public bus and spending money on transportation.

I got to the office earlier and immediately I entered the premise, the rain started. Indeed, these little angels saved my day 😊.


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