What is Islam

Mr Khan2022/06/21 09:04

Islam is a best religion in the world near about 2 billion peoples in this world follows the Islam.

Reasons to follow Islam is very great because Islam offers a complete code of life every person either is male or female has been equal rights to live their lives according to Islam.

Islam allows to pursue things that are halal for every men and women because Allah did not like haram.

And the concept of halal is very great because Islam discouraged things that are not good for society and encouraged things that are best for society good deeds and things are called halal and bad deed and things are called haram.

Islam said that there is one God every person should have faith and believe on it who are the follower of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the last Prophet of Allah.

The followers of Islam is called Muslims who believed in One God on Last Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and on the Holy of Quran.

Islam has five basic principle and every Muslim should have follows them

1st Kalma tayibbah

It is the first principle of Islam a person cannot called a Muslim if that person cannot believe on Kalam every person should speak loudly from his or her tounge to become a Muslim

2nd Namaz

It is the best thing for a Muslim because it encourage them to do good deeds and enable people to come out from depression because depression is a very dangerous diseases and Namaz also a best exercise in this world nowadays every body wants to join the gym for exercise but the fact is that you cannot perform every exercise in gym but Namaz helps you and gives you a full body workout

3rd Is Roza

Roza is another thing which allows Muslim to get even more closer to Allah every Adult Muslim have offer roza in the holy month of Ramadan and get the chance to come closer to Allah.

4th is Zakat

Zakat is for a Muslim who is rich who have money that is equal to 7.5 tola every year Muslim gives Zakat the main aim of Zakat is the welfare of society and for the poor people who cannot afford to live a luxurious life Zakat fund will help them to meet their daily needs and wants and enjoy their lives in accordance of Islam.

5th is Hujj

Hujj is for a Muslim who is rich and have money to go from one part of the world to another to perform Hujj. Every Muslim should offer a one lifetime Hujj if he or she can afford.

These are 5 basic principle of Islam one can make his or her life easier to follows these principle and enjoy the life in this world as well and life after death and make easier for them for the day of judgment which is not far away we are going near day by day for that big day when everyone come out of their grave and will face their God on the judgment day.

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