💙Optimistic✍️💙2022/06/21 00:49

Standing in the midnight, polishing my thought how it should be made well.

Letting go my flaws, my blemish seems like a dark wine

why must our parents think all we need it's education to be alright.

While some graduates are like a lost souls in a desert cos they can't make the ends meet.

Govt fooling us and we all rented our necks in d classroom like a withered plants

why our parents minds hold it's on a wrong place while d right place could have seemed nice.

We should have been taught on how we could develop our dream and stop pursue a day shadow.

It's time to stop following the unseen hope why we concentrate fully well on the right ways.

Govt casted unseen believe on us while we remain feeble like a lifeless body.

Leaving our bone smashed on the ground so their sons could make the blood gushing out as their red carpet to step on during their children wedding.

Painting our minds with poison so they could seeing their future through our own vision.

Little did our parents know that Govt did them no good but to enslave us in our own mind.

Who will not buying the idea of going to school but our parents make us to overdo.

Programmed the confused teachers to reschedule our minds that ough to have been used to think of something productive.

At the end of it all, Govt redirects the graduated students to a farm, while their children enjoy luxuries in city.

some innocent souls are battered, smashed the glory of a state in a mud and claim they hav governed us well. I dnt really put all the blame on them if our parents had known success is not only made in class.

We shouldnt have been denial our own time to think of any other ways round.

Optimistic 🔥

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