TOVoM2022/06/20 09:23

A wayfarer I have become on this desert, with pebbles in my shoe. With empty pouches, anxiousness makes my mouth dry and all I hear is the complaint of my belly. My HEART and MIND at war and I wonder, what will become of me if their mockery becomes ugly with time. And my wobbling limbs on the other hand will be out in no time, and for a second my death wishes were flashing before me. A seal is all I need, for I believed the wind will carry my wishes to my loved ones. To be dressed, viewed by all and to decompose is what I wished, not to mummify on this desert. A reed I have become and an oasis I prayed for, a mirage of a tepid pool to quench my thirst, to look into my own eyes and believe I've expired without hope in my eyes. Never knew an unfulfilled illusion and the fight for survival can crash me to pieces. Dreams of the dreamer shuttered beyond recognition. - TOVoM



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