Don't Terminate Your Life

Ndubisi2022/06/20 00:35

This is just a word of encouragement to anyone going to hard time.

Don't Terminate Your Life

Some people are being depressed😥, frustrated😓, and confused😢 with what their lives is, how it going, where it going, what it is really going on with them😰

Some are even tired of life😥, some of them are even tired of their relationship, marriage and family😭

Some aren't feeling well😓, but just manage to cope with life, some can't bear the pains💔they are going through😭

Many of their hearts is being broken💔 most of them are even looking for a way to terminate their lives😭😭

Some of them are asking God why they even come to this world😥? Why did God send them to this world to suffer, why is only them going through such problem, when will it end?😭😭

Dear listen,

I know the pain is too much😥, I know what you are passing through😪

I can feel it, and I know how hurt it is.

You shouldn't end your life over such problem, you shouldn't kill yourself because of a stressful and sorrowful relationship

Well.. it is better you end that relationship and save your life dear

Hear me, once you end your life over that relationship or marriage, he will look for someone else and continue life with her

While you will be at the grave, without any remembrance, forgotten for life, while someone else will be replaced by you

So why must you terminate your life? You are not the owner of your life, God owns it and He know what you are going through

Just trust Him dear, He is working on you and He will soon settle your case.

Dear, don't terminate your life, you are loved. Just take a look at yourself in the mirror

You are beautiful and being loved by many, just in case you don't know, God love you and I do love you too 🥰

Always remember; you are loved🥰


©️Ndubisi Omeke


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