I'm on the run

Magick Mike2022/06/20 00:15

I'm on the run!

From the world

From all the harsh things it throws at me

All the cartridges it emptied on three

Piles upon piles it consumed for free

From the Wars that it is provoking, I have to flee.

I'm on the run!

From these Doctrines

What they are preaching ain't what they are doing

Their mudus operandi ain't christ like

The preach about the end time when they have actually "end time"

Don't be deceived, that's not the spirit, it's strictly the street!

I'm on the run

From my people

The ones that are smiling are there to end you

The ones that love you can easily hate you

The sugar coated tongues that praise you, when they strike! they are worst than cobra

I guess If i want to grow distance is the answer!

I'm on the run

From my self

From the things I have done and the ones am about to do

My mistakes, all of them writing in front of me with Swiss ink

I have done good, I have done bad, but I guess my bad is leading with a margin or two

I have wronged many that I know

So I'm on the run!

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