This Is not a Fullstop

Obed Chinedu2022/06/18 13:59

This is a poem on depression, suppression, distress and encouragement.

This Is not a Fullstop

This is not a full stop

No, I mean, not a FULL stop

There may have been a half stop

But, that is not the bus stop

Waking and walking Each day

On the street of prejudice

With birds of painted feathers

Hatching on our beds

Hatching fox's and owls and bears

Hatching vultures

Bringing lives to their full stops

I mean, FULL stops

But, there is nev'r a full stop

Where there is not a pulse-stop

All I'll do is stand, walk to a shop

Look to the top

Ask "what's up?"

No, they don't know what's up

I will just stop

Take two bottles of lac'sera

Give one to serah

Daughter-in-law to Terah

Then, We Move!


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