Amaka2022/06/18 01:08

Lights were out, she curled up in bed

Against her will, her mind flooded with memories

In the quiet night, she could hear her silent cries

She shivered and her heart ached

The sky was as black as soot, not a ray of sunlight

Mixed feelings in an endless loop, like the figure of eight

It took bravery to say goodbyes when feelings died.

With the passing of time, she was pacified

Time was all it took to mend the heart-or what was left of it

Muscular yet fragile, like a poorly wired circuit

So it was protected by a wall, and bad memories were buried

The sky was dark still, but across it was a streak

Sweet silver lining, a sign for a break

So against her melancholic self, she vied.

A new dawn, the past is bygone

Feelings rewake, butterflies resurface

A different route, a new pace

The walls are crumbling, this might be the one

The sky is clear and blue, nothing holds her back from soaring

Like a naïf, a shameless being

She surrenders to love again, to begin a new milestone.


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