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This is a story about a young man who got dump by his girlfriend and later fell love with his ex best friend that advise her to dump him Will he fall in love again


Chapter one

It was a beautiful Saturday morning as usual, the atmosphere was such an awesome one that it's flash my mind to some memories and that alone gave me such a smile.....

Suddenly I heard whispering of prayers behind me, yes guys that was my best friend from childhood Kelvin. 

Kelvin has been like a brother to me, we grew up together, school together and now we live together, and lest I forget we are actually age mates. So you can see the bond between us is very strong.

Kelvin finished praying and I just sat beside him on the bed looking at him, asking myself what a sinner like him was actually praying about and who was he actually praying to, because last time I checked he was not a churchy type. I waited for a while for him to finish his prayers

ME : Bro, don't tell me you were praying, because I no you sock when it's comes to prayer, and besides I can't remember when last you even visit the church

KELVIN : (kelvin turns and looks at me with a curious face) Seriously…. What do you think I was doing?

ME : (letting out a serious laugh that got him more pissed off) really, when did you became a prayer warriors in this house, and what were you praying about.....God has better things to answer your prayers you no that

KELVIN : (in Pidgin English) Frank, your really going nut did I ever know you

ME : See who is talking.

We laughed and I went straight to the kitchen to prepare something to eat while Kelvin entered the bathroom to freshen up. 

Kelvin and I live in a 1 bedroom flat, well Equipped and furnished.

Later that evening, Kelvin and I went for a little walk around the estate. Well it's not a new thing, it's what we do most Saturdays when we are kind of bored in the house.

KELVIN : Danm, take a look at this girl bro, meenhhh.... She got it all...with a good shape (Pointing at a direction of a girl taking a walk too) 

ME : KELVIN… Why is it that, your head is fill with girls and nothing more

KELVIN : Mine is better, how about you, that got dumped by a girl….

Immediately it's done on me that Kelvin got me….and he was right, I was actually dumped by the one I have given my heart to love so much, and there was nothing I could do about it other than to move on and bring out the best from my life. Although it was tough and hard to let go, I won't blame anybody over what happened but myself.

Kelvin and I were still talking and making jest of ourselves, we are very close that no girl can Separate us.... We rather dump the girls for the sake of our friendship. Along the road was a girl sitting alone probably chatting or something

She was so beautiful and calm....believe me I have seen a lot of beautiful girls but this one was different. Her beauty and the gentleness in her radiate the rising of a morning sun... Truly she did capture my attention.

Oh God… Kelvin was still busy talking and I was not replying, when he realized that my attention was no longer in our discussion, he took a look at me and noticed my eyes were focused in another direction, he quickly turned to the same way I was looking and saw the girl sitting down.

KELVIN : Frank!! Frank!!!.... Seriously bro? I have been busy talking with you and your attention is no longer with me. Do you even know her?

ME : sorry please, who are you talking to? Because i'm not looking at anybody, am listening to what you were saying

KELVIN : what the f**k!!.... Are you kidding me right now Frank...even the devil is learning how to lie from you, you know that right?

ME : Kelvin, how did I know you from the first place?

It was still 8pm that Saturday..... Kelvin left me in the house alone to see his girlfriend down the street. I picked up my phone, put on my data, started replying to some important chat and also watched some movies on the gotv. Immediately the thought of that same girl I saw early today flashed through my mind. I tried all I could to come out of it but it just didn't work out. 

Damn!! What have I done to myself (talking to myself) ..... There is something about her that keeps dragging my attention….jizzzz....I hope this thought dies because I wasn't ready for another heartbreak.I was still deep in thought when the knock on the door brought me back to myself.

ME : Who's there?

VOICE : it's me LUCY

ME : (Lucy is my neighbor. Let me just say someone that is madly crushing on me) hold on please come (I walked straight to the door and unlocked it).

She walked into the room and started looking around. She walked to the bed where I was sited looked at me and let out words

LUCY : Frank my love.... Thank God you are the only one at home today, this is a good time for us to enjoy ourselves you no..

ME : (I dropped my phone and looked at her with a curious face) what are you trying to say please

LUCY : Frank, you Know I love you from the depth of my heart, why are you treating me this way? what others are dying to have is right here with you and you are rejecting it.

ME : (I took a look at her. Truly Lucy is a beautiful girl that has all the full packages of a girl ....and any man can fall for that but as for me I wasn't interested) see, Lucy like I told you before, it can't work out between us.

LUCY : (She moved close to me... And sat on my lap. Damn!! that alone struck some cord in me) Frank your d**k is hungry to have me I can feel it.. just give us a chance and let me make you feel good.

ME : (the contention to have her inside of me was becoming too much as she was dancing her a**h on me. I pushed her away) Lucy got out of my house and I don't ever want to see you come close to me again. Can't you get not interested jizzz...

LUCY : (she got angry and stood up) Frank I swear you will come begging for me. Nonsense

Immediately Lucy stepped out,Kelvin walked in and was asking what happened between me and Lucy, that she almost knocked him down while coming out of the house. I explain everything to Kelvin thinking he will be of help, not knowing that he was another stupid person that will be making jest of me

KELVIN : (laughing out loud) Frank, why are you been unfair to yourself….just look at opportunity that came knocking at your door, and you just let it walk away

ME : kelvin, why do you love girls more than your future…jizzzzzz

KELVIN: wait… hope you're not insulting me (this time Kelvin knew I got him).

Kelvin and I talked and laugh about what happened between me and Lucy until we slept off


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