A poem for her

Zealous Frank2022/06/17 22:41

Knock, knock, knock

Beauty at morning's door

After a night filled with adventures

Dreams of christ and his unfailing love

Multiple dimensions in a single world

Different experiences before dawn

War and chaos in a living void

Death and loss like there's no law

A very tough and strange night indeed

And yet the princess sleeps with no worries

With visions appearing like movies

Five hours felt like an eternity

One night feeling like twenty

She is the best at it

Because she got christ at the wheel

Knock, knock, knock

A shout to the night

The sun is ready with a big smile

The day is set, no cap

But the beauty still sleeps

Celebrating the victory of won battles

You really can't blame her majesty

The night was adventurous

But the sun awaits her orders

To cover the past with wonders

While shining at yonder

But wait, take a look while she sleeps

She sure is pretty

A perfect description of extraordinary

Mixture of reality and fantasy

But wait, enough with the colloquialism

The princess is awake

Basked in glory and grace

Glory to Yahweh

The night sure was copacetic

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