Does God Forgive Sin?

Obichie1122022/06/17 10:25

Does God forgive SIN committed by human being? It is appropraite at this point to say a few things about the question of Forgiveness of Sin. Most religions teach the doctrine of forgiveness of sin by God. That God must of course be the God of religion, that is, an anthropomorphic deity who has emotions like human beings. Religious people mistakenly think that when they do evil, all they need do is to ask for forgiveness and the evil will be cancelled out by their anthropomorphic deities who would be moved with mercy by their pleas. And once they are forgiven that would be the end of the evil, it would be cancelled out. What an ILLUSION and FALSEHOOD! The universe is governed by one fundamental law, the law from which all other laws of nature are derived, and this is the law of Cause and Effect. A careful observation reveals that it is not a chaotic universe without order, a universe where anything goes for nothing, where anything can come from nothing or from just anything else. On the contrary, the universe is well ordered and governed by this fundamental law of Cause and Effect. This law ensures that nothing goes for nothing, nothing comes from nothing, that certain causes necessarily give rise to certain effects, that only certain causes can produce certain effects, that certain effects must necessarily follow certain causes. This law operates both in the physical world as well as in the human, moral world. It is this law which ensures that every man reaps what he has sown. The law ensures that you cannot sow one thing and reap another. Evil deeds necessarily produce evil effects just as good deeds necessarily produce good effects. No evil goes unpunished and no good deed goes un-rewarded. This is the immutable law of nature known variously as the natural law of justice, the law of retribution, the law of nemesis, or the law of karma; on which the universe is structured. The doctrine of the forgiveness of sin is therefore contrary to the law of nature. It is an illusion and falsehood which encourages some religious people to take evil lightly, thinking that all they need do after their evil deeds is to ask for forgiveness and the merciful God (the imaginary anthropomorphic deity) will forgive them and simply cancel out their evil, so that there will be no evil effects following their evil deeds! This amounts to the illusion of thinking that there could be causes in the universe without their appropriate effects. But we know that there can be no cause without its appropriate effect following it, sooner or later, in one form or another.


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