Lady in Red!

I.C's Musings2022/06/17 05:33

I was laughing on lame jokes one moment,

Crying on stupid things the other moment,

Laying on my bed the other moment,

Holding my stomach the next moment.

Feeling happiest now, what comes next,

Next comes feeling ugliest.

Why am I changing my mood so quickly,

Because I got my periods recently.

Yes those cramps feel bad,

And I behave like a lazy lad.

But the thing I hate the most are those absurd ads,

Where they show that blue colour

Yes, I feel blue

But I bleed red.

Am I suppose to tell them even that?

No I don't crave for any extra attention,

Neither do I want any kind of attention.

All I want is the menstrual products to be sold for free,

Just like the oxygen of the tree.


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