10 Websites that you can make Money With for free

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10 Websites that you can make Money With for free

It is pretty safe to assume you are looking for a possible way to make money online, well you are in the right place. Today, am going to show you 10 websites where you can make money for free. With these new strategies am going to walk you on a journey that will allow you to earn a decent amount of money, by answering surveys, playing music, looking at websites, liking and watching videos online. It sounds impossible right! I think not. Just imagine earning a constant amount of money doing a small number of tasks. Earning money online, is hard and simple at the same time, what guaranteed success is hard work and consistency. What I just need from you, is to stay tuned, keep reading this article, and let us turn the magic on. 

let’s go!!



I just learn about this brand new money-making method today. It is just good to hear you can make money using your either mobile phone, tablet, or PC. Can you imagine? Waking up in the morning and being flooded with notification of payment to your account. That’s the goal in life, right? To make money by just working for a couple of hours and relaxing for the remaining hours every day, that’s always the goal for us online money makers.


Rapidworker is a crowd-sourced service with more than a hundred thousand workers. These websites help individuals, small businesses, and professionals to create low-cost publicity and marketing campaigns to increase sales to better their ranking backlinks and so much more. You can earn as much as you want especially when you are consistent. Through this website, you will have to perform a task, submit proof, and get paid. You get to play with several payment options.

this is the home page of rapid workers.

what you need to do is to click on the sign up place and register

For you to sign up there is rules and regulation you must abide by.


you are not allow to use VPN

multiple account with same IP or using shared wifi

same IP address with other account

doing others country jobs that you are not from


This website will help you in generating a consistent stream of income. You don’t need to invest anything, no social media followers, no technical skills needed, all you need is your phone or laptop to make money here.

In utest.com, what you will do is write reviews for specific software to improve their newly made software. Don’t worry, you don’t need any technical skills to review because this website makes it easy for developers to discover the main issues in their creation.

Utest is the home of the largest community of digital freelance software testers in the world. This site helps some of the recognized and iconic brands provide quality digital experiences to their customer. 

what you need to do is click or press the join2day bottom and register.


The goal is to make money online constantly with less effort until it gradually becomes passive income. So basically on this website, there are different ways that you can earn money. The best way to earn money on this site is by watching videos, taking a survey, clicking on websites, and seeing an advertisement.

One of the reasons why I love this website is because they can give you instant withdrawal today within 24hours. You can cash out your earnings. They do have a very low minimum payout which is just 50%. And also there are different payment methods.

this is the home page of liteGPT. click on the register bottom to have and account.

Micro worker

This website also pays you for taking, watching videos, and doing different kinds of tasks.

go ahead and sign up.


On this website, you can get paid every 10second. You will get paid by clicking on websites, watching videos, and taking surveys. You can earn constantly by staying on the side and going a lot of taks.


Timebucks pays you for doing a different kinds of jobs. They pay for watching a youtube video, taking surveys, clicks, getting the task done,play games, social media likest and pos, and sweepstakes competition. 

as you see in the home page, you can sign up with either email account or facebook.


On this website, you will get paid for doing a lot of tasks online. The most interesting about this site is, that you always get a task to perform at any time. You can get a lot of money by watching videos, subscribing to YouTube channels, downloading mobile apps, clicking websites, etc. what you need is to get things done, submit proofs and get pay.

this is how the homepage look like. press the GET STARTED bottom and start.


Follow fast is also like the others. You can get paid by doing surveys, watching videos, following, and linking social media accounts. you can monetize you social media follows.

As shown in the homepage picture, you can join with your email account.


On this site, you can get paid by visiting sites and watching advertisements. This site believed, there is a method for giving powerful publicizing while at the same time, setting out business freedom simultaneously. These are paid-to-click sites where individuals get compensated for reviews and ads.

this is the website home page.

Current App

This is one of the most useful websites and smartphone apps you’ll ever come across. THIS MOBILE APP WILL APPROXIMATELY PAY YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO ON THE INTERNET. It pays you to charge, watch videos, complete surveys, and, most importantly, listen to music. The current site is mostly a music program that is simple to use and highly user-friendly. As I previously stated, this is one of the best applications available.


Final thought

This is the end of the road on 10 Websites that you can make Money With for free. As I said earlier making money online isn’t so different from the traditional way of making money online. the only difference is, This niche, you can do it anywhere, at any time in the world but, it requires the same effort and dedication as each way of making money. one last important thing is self-belief. It’s a fantastic thing to have faith in yourself, it is that impulse that will push you to do more.

We not only become what we think about, but we also act on what we think about. Your mind will act on your thoughts, whether they are favorable or bad. i have done mine, what remain is yours. 



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