Top Websites that will pay you with Payoneer

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Top Websites that will pay you with Payoneer

If you are serious about making money online, you need to read this, and set up a Payoneer account, as it is very important. as am going to show you top websites that will pay you with Payoneer.

I know some of you will be thinking that no!! I already have a PayPal account, I do not need this. No, you need it, as PayPal has its own shortcomings and limitations. This is a fact that, is not available in most countries.

Payoneer is one of the best payment platforms on the internet today. You can use it to receive or make a payment on the internet.

Here, we will talk about top websites that will pay you with Payoneer. Unlike PayPal, With Payoneer, you can open and verify your account in a minute, and it is accessible almost everywhere in the world.

Whether you are an Affiliate marketer, a freelancer, or a Drop shipper, whatever you are, as long as you work on the internet, you need a payment account to receive your earnings.

In this article am going to talk about what is Payoneer, why Payoneer is, the top websites that will pay you with Payoneer, and how to sign up for a Payoneer account, and get $25 for free.

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What is Payoneer

Payoneer is a quick and low-cost solution to get paid by your international customers, or clients all over the world. These customers or clients can be individuals or international companies.

With a Payoneer account, whether you work with global markets places or directly with international clients, it can enable you to send and receive money or access your funds wherever you are in the world.

Click here to sign up

Why Payoneer

Unlike other payment methods on the internet, Payoneer allows you to set off an account fast with any government-issued ID card, and it is accessible almost, all over the world.

Popular Payment method like PayPal has what we called cashback, where people can actually pay you and get their money back just like that. But with Payoneer, that’s not the case, because Payoneer work like a normal bank account, every payment is final.

With Payoneer, you can have 4 to 5 international bank accounts, with a credit card that can be used to purchase whatever you want to purchase online.

Payoneer has a very reasonable exchange rate, prepaid debit card, and different international bank accounts. Like USD Accounts, Australian dollar accounts, Uk accounts, Canadian accounts, japan accounts, etc.

sign up for free here

Top Websites that will pay you with Payoneer

There are thousands if not millions of websites that can pay you with Payoneer bank accounts worldwide. As I mentioned above, these accounts can receive and send money wherever you are in the world. there is no serious affiliate marketer that doesn’t know about this website. This is the biggest affiliate marketing network worldwide.

Clickbank is one of the top websites that pays its affiliate directly to the Payoneer account when you link it. Whatever niche you are promoting ClickBank got you covered. Its only limitation is, that it is not available worldwide.

In case your country is not among the banned countries, you can add your Payoneer account details inside the ClickBank account setting.

Fiverr.comjust like what ClickBank is to affiliate marketers. Fiverr is the biggest freelancing website in the world. There is no how a freelancer couldn’t know about Fiverr.

Fiverr is a freelancing website where individual freelancers sell gigs online. As a freelancer on Fiverr, you can easily link your account with Payoneer, as Fiverr is a Payoneer partner already.

In case you do not have an account on Fiverr. You can set up an account for free, wherever you are in the world as it is free to join, with no limitations.

Fiverr can be of use for you whether you’re a freelancer or someone who might buy a gig someday.

Sign up on Fiverr Here for free

Another freelancing website is upwork.comUpwork is like Fiverr, it is a freelancing website where people sell a gig online.

You can link your Payoneer account with Upwork so that they can pay you straight into your Payoneer account.

Alarmy.comfor those of you who do not know about Alarmy, it is a website where people sell and buy images and videos online.

If you want to make money with Alarmy, you can quickly go in and sign up for free, and link your Payoneer account.

What you need to do is to grab your phone, take a picture, and post it on Alarmy, once sales are made you will get your 50% commission inside your Payoneer account. this is pay per lead affiliate marketing website that pays you straight into your Payoneer account once you link it. ShareASale is a top pay-per-lead website on the internet, and it is also free to sign.

If you do not have an account sign up and link your Payoneer account.

peopleperhour.comPeoplePerHour is a freelancing website where people sell quality content online.

You can link your Payoneer account in PeoplePerHour to receive your commission straight into your Payoneer account. digistore24 is an affiliate marketing website where you can link your payoneer account. Digistore24 like ClickBank has restrictions in some countries.

In case you do not have an account, your country is not banned. Sign up for free, get a product link, promote and make a sell. Then get paid straight to your Payoneer account.

Amazon.comAmazon is one of the biggest e-commerce websites on earth. This website has one of the largest affiliate programs called Amazon Associates.

With amazon whether you list your products, Create eBooks, or you just promote amazon products through affiliate marketing, you can link your payoneer account to get paid.

Commission junction.comthis is also known as Cj is one of the top affiliate marketing website out there. They have different categories of products that you can start promoting and earn commission straight to your payoneer account

Rakuten.comThis is also affiliate marketing website with bunch of products to promote. Rakuten also uses Payoneer to pay out their affiliates. So link your Payoneer account with the rakuten account to get paid. Gettyimages is like Alarmy, but bigger than. They also sell videos and images online. You can link your gettyimages account with payoneer account to get paid into it.

You can sign up to gettyimages and start posting pictures to earn a commission into your Payoneer account.

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note!! this is not the only website that you can get paid with Payoneer, I just list the popular ones I know. you can research and find out more.

How to sign up for free

It is free and easy to sign up on payoneer and get all the benefit. More reason for you to sign up with payoneer even if you own another payment method is simple.

If you are serious about making money online, or from a country where PayPal is not allowed, payoneer account is a must for you.

Besides if you sign up using this link you will get $35 usd as promised.

To set up an account, click Here. After you click on that, it will automatically, take you to this page

Then, click on the sign-up button. where you will be taking to this page

After taking to this page, the next thing is to choose what best describes you. let for example choose an affiliate marketer 


Once you click on the Affiliate marketer bottom, you will be redirected to this page

after you click on what I cycle, (to get paid by publishers and platforms). it will take you to this page.

as you see in the picture above, get paid by top affiliate networks and platforms.

after that, the next thing to do is to fill out your personal information.

After filling in all your personal information, you are done. you will be given a couple of international bank account details that are all yours.

This is how you will request your account details 

After that, then click on the request account your will be given to you like this

Click Here to sign up For Free and claim your $25 usd

That’s all. But in case you are still confused about how to sign up or request an account watch this video here


everyone who is serious or already making money online knows the important of payment platforms. payoneer is one of the best payment platforms out ther.

as you can do several thing with it, from receiving money to sending money etc. even for those who don’t make money online isn’t it great to have an international bank account for future uses. well we all need payoneer account, in one way or the other.

saifmooler thank you

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