"New God", 29.04.2022

Rina Blue2022/06/16 11:09

You may think this is a mindless set of words... And I think I would agree with you😅

"New God", 29.04.2022

You can be our new God,
Dancing in the faithless crowd.
Hoping that your mama will be proud.
She always said it's not her fault.

You tried to fix what's broken.
You tried to forget what's spoken.
Your little princess wants to be woken,
She stole my aching heart.

Talking with a black tongue,
Crawling through the sleepless night,
Waiting for a new blood...
Oh my God!

You can be our new God,
Shining in the pale moonlight.
There's no demon I can fight,
I think your mama was right...


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