No Wonder kid in Transfer market.

Tohluh Briggs2022/06/15 18:26

Wonder kids are no longer available as the old players are performing much more than expectations, and they are defying the odds.

No Wonder kid in Transfer market.

Transfer window is open, clubs are active in the market trying to sign players that will help them win the league, qualify for European competition spots, or beat relegation.

Clubs and mangers are being linked with various players with size of their pocket determining who they will go for. The surprising part of the ongoing deals is not many (if any) under 20 player is being linked to any of the top clubs including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, AC Milan, Inter Milan etc.

Gone are the days when clubs are breaking the banks to sign 18-20years old players from any part of the world because they believe they will walk straight into the starting eleven and make impact.

Lewandowski, Mane, Nunez, Halland, Mbappe, Tcheaomani, have all gain loads of attention during the current transfer window, and it must be noted that none of this is younger than 22. The question is is there no wonderkid out there or the old wines are getting better with time making it difficult for the young grapes to get attention from the top clubs.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Buffon, Lewandowski, Giroud, all of this players are still turning up for big clubs and will still turn out to be a coup for any club that sign any one of them except for Buffon.

Days when players are considered finished article once they clock 32 is pass, therefore the young once are not getting the desired attention.

Who do you think can break the recent strong hold the Aging players have on the transfer market?


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