YL DaTeacher2022/06/15 16:53

Love lives


Times, memories, blotches of the abstract seemingly littered to the eye of the audience 

Muscles, facial expressions apparently adjusting to the effect of a dive in the ‘MemoRiver’

A guide, truth, power in the warehouse of unlimited imagination 

You’re my chargie I like to think

So will you please shut your eyes and take a trip

I was there.

create anew, substances of little importance but leave the subjects as they were 

No effort needed to fish out the best and consequential memories right?

Cold drink in your right hand, left hand free, left to stir and paddle you to your destination 

Rise outta the useless foam of memories before me

Indulge if you will, I know I am that unremovable stain purposely left to haunt you through the moments you own

What’s regret?

Regret is one misunderstood drive..a drive from truth..into truth..a possibility that care isn’t common sense but a common gift or is it a curse?

Don’t hold your chin as that gesture isn’t the mark of true reminiscence but thought-giving

I’d rather you hold my picture 

I’d rather you feel your heartbeat 

I’d rather you whisper my name and let the natural order of things takes course

An evidence on your beautiful features darling 

Radiance in your smile

Truth in your stares

Perfection in your feelings 

Irregularity? I mean insecurities.. amazing that a queen has those 

I should write a poem about you but this brain doesn’t work for me when it comes to matters about u

It doesn’t give me words I learn about in school or elsewhere

It doesn’t even let me think of a start as to your story and mine

It instead gives me a chance to visit you in it..truth bae

Perfection in what I see

As I sit and lean

Shut my eyes and beam

Your body becomes 

Your voice heard

Oh peace in this every time I try

Lets me hold u closer to me despite the true distance

Then I break away just to adjust the plot of the story in my mind about us

Do I leave us at the beach or in bed cuddling?

Do I lean in for another kiss or turn u around and whisper words?

Do I put a ring on it? Did I? I must

Now we’re 70!

Do u remember my name? 

If not please read my blind stare

I am! Do u feel this?

I write for myself and you


I cherish my ability to see you when I can’t


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