Senge AY2022/06/15 05:10

By the first crow

Of the strongest cock,

The father,

Already leading his flock

For farther green pasture.

By six o’clock,

The mother,

Already on the long walk

For clean but unsafe water.

Left alone in the cave

An African kid is wrapped

In a wet urinated sheet

Made of wild animal skin,

A loud call

For the longest python

From the bush.

This African kid does groan

With his mouth,

Wide open for rats to come in

And test the taste of his teeth,

Made of plastic

Grown due to sharing

Of milk,

Breasts and breath

With the kids of the she-goat.

Before the mother comes back

With water

In order to boil for him porridge

Mixed with honey,

A boy is already insulated

By the coils of the python

For cold.

By [email protected] 1st June 2022


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