My way to you

Malik Muhammad Hamdan2022/06/14 19:04

My Way To You

I tell my tale

A traveller lost

On twisted roads that lead astray

No lights to guide;

On soggy nights, The dull moon;

The sad rains

The agonies endured

No tonic for the pain

O destiny, where did you hide

Among desperate cries; among flickering flames

To silent skies, a question raised

Did I not submit? To all your ways

A lightning heard; an answer paved

On flesh so pure; I saw my way

It was your face; it had such grace, surely an ace

Do I deserve; such a place?

My way to you

I did not choose; I did not see

A holy revelation, you came to be

A sudden light; the days got bright

All paths were there; I stood amazed

My destiny known; among your shade

In cozy rooms I’ll sit

Among tall castle walls

For all lost travelers outside

So pure of heart

A destiny awaits

Just needs a spark

By Hamdan Malik

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