Deal with the billionaire

De Joyce2022/06/14 04:43

A romantic story about Angl and Si-woo


Growing with my Mom and siblings all alone was something very hard, we are family of 4 living in South Korea, am working at a super market while my my works at a billionaire mansion as a house cleaner. My father died after my mom gave birth to our last born, Dainel. Ohh I almost forgot, am Angel the first child of my Mom, I graduated from high school two years ago, am tall, fair, brown hair and blue eyes balls, nothing special. Our second born is named Daisy and she is my favorite sibiling.

My Mom works at a billionaire mansion well know as THE DAN'S MANSION. The are very famous and popular, I have been there few times, Mr/Mrs Dan have only 3 sons named, SI-WOO, SEO-JUN and MIN-JUN. SI-WOO is the first son an his an introvert, SEO-JUN is the second son his an extrovert and also MIN-JUN third son.

Few times I went there only SEO-JUN and MIN-JUN have treated me nicely while is very cold and unsocial in nature, but I must say his very handsome, tall, green eye balls, his dark hair and body shape is just perfect. His the must handsome man I've ever seen.

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