Goldiink2022/06/13 21:17

A poem from a lad.


Hello Allen

I hope you receive this..

I've tried, but it ain't working

I've tried, yet it's still hawking

Like yesterday in my mind - it's still cropping

Like memories of the past...

Yes, I've tried

Each day I tried

I tried covering your footprints at the door step

Yet the smell of you keep hanging around my nosetrills...

Pls come back home..

Allen! I've tried

I've tried to let go of the figure of you

Yet my thoughts can't wait to have you back home

Are you downtown with aunt Brenda

Or are you at Grandpa's old farm...

Pls come back home...

Yes I tried,

I tried hanging around with new friends, new playmates, new folks, new people, yet

My heart still yearns for you

Without you everything seems impossible..

I want to play tag with you again

I want to catch those fire flies at night oncemore

I want to get all wet and take strokes with you

I want to break Sir Adam's egg with you again....

I want to sneak out of the house at night

Just to sit with you watching the sky

I want to break school rules with you

And do those crazy stuff we used to do....

Allen.. Please come back home...

Mummy said you've gone to be with God

Is his house down town 2?

Why not ask God to give you an holiday

Maybe we could spend time again too..

After you fell from that old tree

Mummy took away your picture to keep it safe

Dad said you wouldn't love your pictures around us

I'm so confused Allen...

Please come home...

Please come home....



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