Purpose of existence of mankind

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We should change our prespective to think more positive

Purpose of existence of mankind

Hello my name is Hamza. Today i am going to tell you about my research on "Purpose of existence of Mankind"

I've seen that many of the people are confused about there existence in this world.

Why God send us in this world for what reason we are not created as animal or other living organism?

To understand the world and our existence we should have to understand first from what kind of Matter are controlling this world

There are two types of energies that are controling this world universe

1) Light Matter

2) Dark Matter

Light Matter-:

Light matter is the matter that give us positive energies.

Dark Matter-:

Dark matter is the matter that give us negative energies.


In our Holy Book "Quran-E-Majeed" our God Allah Almighty taught us through his Preacher Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) that when God was creating human being

The first human created by Allah Almighty was Hazrat Adam when Allah Almighty created him he ask all Angels to bow for him

All Angel bow for him but Shaitaan didnt bow for him

And challenged God Allah Almighty that i will not bow for human and till the end world i will distract your human beings through negative energies

when he challenged God then in return God also challenged him that i accept your challenge i will give you one more favour on your challenge that these human being will not see your negative energies and they will also not see you from naked eye

In return he accepted God Challenge

The scientist now a days calling dark matter is that matter that is distracting our people from Positivity

When people dosent go for dark matter positivity came and earth bacame habitable again

and when posivity is less and dark energies are more than world become inhabitable

For example: Global warming, Threat of Flooding etc

My believe and theory is that we are here for test that God his conducting from us

This Test include two types

1) Positive Energies (That lead to the way of God Allah Almighty)

2) Negative Energies (That leads to the way of Shaitaan and negative energies)

If we follow Positive Energies and do good deeds in our life, dont lie, dont make fun of other human being, dont follow negativity, and spread love we will be passed in our test

and if we follow Negative Energies and do bad deeds, always lie to everyone just for our own benefit, Make fun of others, follow negativity, go for earn alot and just for food and to be rich. then we will be failed in this test.

What's Next?

The time we came to this world after our birth our test starts

the time we die our test time is end

Then we all know that after conducting test all students wait for results

Some people think there is no life after death

I stongle believe that this world is just a test actual life will be start after death when you have your report card in your hands and you will be judged by your good or bad deeds that you have done in this world

The people who got distract in their whole life with dark energies will be punished badly in Hell

and therefore the people whom not distracted by dark energies and tgey remain always positive in their life will be send in heaven

and ofcourse that life will be forever life

How do we differ from Postivity & Negativity?

Well God Allah Almighty gave us gift in our body that is called "Brain"

The whole universe is present in our brain which helps us to differ between postivity & negativity

There hidden part of brain that describes cellular capacity of human being are kept secret by Allah Almighty for that challenge that i've mentioned before is the basic purpose that we cant see hidden matters.

If we have access to that we can understand all things more quickly and persfectly to understand this world and our existence

Unfortunately beside making that descovery we are going in wrong direction

Our neusron of brain are interconnected with every energy in this world and all that energy is innterconnected with dark matter

Our brain catches all energies and when we catch positive and negative energy it's upto our brain rather we god for positive one or negative one.

These basic theory and information include some personal knowledge and gathered knowledge

we are following negativity to understand this world.

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