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Capturing the naked beauty of our precious world


Imagine walking onto the Aquarian shore.

And unexpectedly you got shot by beauty to the core.

Nature is worth fantasizing beyond reality.

As it is, the scenery & visionary adaptations are deliberate mostly.

Have you ever trotted a path unwillingly?

Not knowing, yet hoping willingly?

I've been around, seen & amazed.

As I fell hard just to realize it's the moments praised.

Characters have been torn within a subliminal time.

Alone over and over you think with a sip of wine.

Just to catch your breath in the twinkle of an eye.

Yet in spite of suffocation, I think risks are worth a try.

The birds chirp so beautifully around the romantic air.

Even they feel & fall in love with nature beyond a stare.

The trees sway from side to side without holding back.

As their fellow leaves enjoy the movements blissful on & off track.

Nature is the most beautiful installation.

Stop using science to solve god's creation.

As your formulas & chemical mixtures are only built for acceleration.

So relax and enjoy this captivating attestation.

Written By: Laticia Christina Singh

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