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The greatest happiness of all is to promote the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people


Bro john was a devoted Christian man who was known to be charitable in his deeds. His lifestyle replicates that of generosity and was loved by the people of his community who benefited so much from his charitable deeds. Nevertheless, life has not been a bed of roses for brother john who has been tormented by the bitter part of life. Several years after serving his country, he is yet to get a job.He has done many menial jobs even below his capacity but all prove to be fruitless. But yet his heart of kindnesspersists. On this very day, Bro john was left frustrated on the road while coming back from a fruitless interview from a reputable company. In his state of depression, he came across Adamu the bread seller. Adamu is a renowned bread seller who hawks bread everyday on the street to make a living. He was the only child of his parent who died several years ago. He was accused of been a witch and responsible for the death of his parent he was isolated by everyone including his relations it was one man against the world for Adamu the bread sever as he strives hard to make a living by hawking bread on the street. Bro John even in his depressed state had compassion on Adamu and was moved by his passion to succede in life. He gave Adamu a meagre amount of money which he saw as a huge amount that can take care of his needs for some days. Adamu was so grateful to bro John who has suddenly brought back life to him.

Adamu was walking happily hawking his bread on the street when he came across Kent the beggar. Kent was a very popular beggar and a public figure on the steet. He goes around all day begging as a means of suvivor. But it was an unfortunate day for him as all doors were shut at him. The people obviously were tired of his incessant begging. Adamu the bread seller felt he was better off than the poor beggar and had a remorseful heart towards him showing kindness to him from the little he received from bro John. Kent the beggar was full of praises for the kind gesture of Adamu leaving with a revived hope again.

Prince harry, the prince of the land is a noble man and loved by the people. He was on a tour round the community alone without guards. He seldom moves with guards because he loves to identify with the people freely. But on this particulars tour, some hoodlums saw it as an opportunity to attack him and strip him of his money. They hid somewhere and strategies their plan and when it was the right moment, they lay an ambush on him leaving him unconscious on the floor. moments later, then came a passer-by Dr Lewis, a bank manager in one of the most reputable bank in the country. He saw a man unconscious on the floor though unknown to him it was the prince. He wanted to help but was distracted by a phone and left him on the ground.

Alhaji Danladi also plight through the road he was a rich and influential man with many registered companies to his name. Alhaji Dalandi never saw the need of helping the dying man on the floor as he passed the other way.

Nevertheless, a lady of high prestige lady B as she was fondly called and a long admirer of the prince also came passing. Unknown to her it was the same Prince she had been admiring but she was far from lending a helping hand as she neglecting the man on the floor. However, Kent the beggar was returning home from his usual trade when he came across the man on the floor. He was full of compassion for the man as he took him home and spend the little he receive from Adamu the bread seller on the prince till he was fine again.

The next morning, the prince was well again and was full of appreciation to Kent who had saved his life despite been a beggar. The prince offered to take Kent to his palace in appreciation for his kind gesture.

Meanwhile, the king and the queen has been worried they are yet to behold the sight of their son. They send guards in search of the entire community but all came back without the sight of the prince. Moments later, a loud voice was heard close to the entrance of the palace. Curious to know the reason for the cheers and shout by the people they rushed out in anticipation and behold it was the prince and kent the beggar. They were filled with joy as they hugged each other with a breathe of relief.

“My prince where have you been since yesterday. You kept all of us worried looking for you” the king said. “Thank God you are finally back” said the queen “I think we should hold a royal banquet for his arrival she continued.

“You are right my dear wife. Now tell the guards to kill the most fattened goat for today we will all celebrate the arrival of the prince”

The banquet was a memorable one especially for Kent who was dinning with the king. A thought that can never arouse in his heart through-out his lifetime. It was the best day of his life feasting on the same table with the king.

After the banquet, the prince narrated all his ordeal to his parent, how he was ambushed and left abandoned by many passer-by and how Kent the beggar showed kindness to him and revive him back to life. The king and his wife were marvelled by the kindness of Kent the beggar and promises to reward him.

“Kent” said the king “what will be your greatest happiness in life anything you want will be at your disposal”

“your majesty” replied Kent, “my greatest happiness is to see Adamu the bread seller happy because he gave me every reason to be hopeful in life despite his poor status” the king was surprised with his reply he thought Kent would have requested for all the luxurious things of this life. And the king requested for

Adamu to appear before him Adamu was brought to the king and again the king asked.

“Adamu what will be your greatest happiness in life, anything you want will be yours. “Your majesty” Adamu replied, “my greatest happiness is to see bro John happy because he showed kindness to me even in the midst of his problems” shocked by his reply also, the king ordered for bro John and John appear before the king also.

“my friend John what will be your greatest happiness in life and I promise to give you, anything you want” “thank you your majesty” John replied, my greatest happiness in life is to get a job and make a living for myself just like other men out there” the king had pity on Bro John whose kind gesture had led to the survival of the prince. And he rewarded him with a job in a very reputable company. While Adamu the bread seller and Kent were rewarded with huge sum of cash respectively for their efforts and another banquet was held to honour them. Years later, Bro John has become the C E O of his new company. Adamu is no longer a bread seller. He now owns several factories across the country. Kent is no more a beggar but a very influential businessman who imports and exports merchandize. It was indeed a happy ending for them.



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