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This poem is centered on the ups and downs of politics in Nigeria, the voting process and leadership.


Blinded by Zichi Nenye

Like bats in the caves hanging upside down,

Like new born babes they are without sight,

Completely oblivious they are of the happenings

In the place they call home.

But is this Oblivion true?

Or are they keeping shut their eyes,

Sticking their fingers into their ears,

Not to hear our cries?

The blind ones are up there,

Soaring in the skies of wealth,

In the heavens of riches,

At our expense.

Sadly we are the cause for we chose these blind ones,


For some of us are also blind,

Coaxed into choosing these blind ones,

Like a candle in the wind,

We swayed in the direction of their cunning breeze.

Now, the jungle is on fire,

And even the trees where we seek refuge are fallen.

Yet the bats fly majestically,

In the midst of all these,


Alas! it is an open secret,

That these ones are not truly blind,

But their sights have been clouded by greed!

Ears clogged with the wax of selfishness!

And like a virus, corruption has taken over their souls

And sits like an enemy on it's throne!

But in these broken hearts,

Hope still lies,

Waiting a Messiah,

Not one who is blind,

But of clear sight, open ears and clean mind,

One who will see our sufferings and hear our cries,

Not one who is blind.

By Zichi Nenye 💞


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