Love In Vain

Thepoetrygirl2022/06/10 17:01

Love In Vain

By Shihaam Cupido

Many say follow your heart,

some say don't leave it behind

when you overtake it,

someone will break it.

As we grow we learn many things,

one of those things is all good comes to an end.

You are no longer my lover,

even less are you a friend.

Our lives will continue

till the day I realise

I will no longer need you,

the day I hope to despise.

I wish to promise myself

that it won't happen again,

but just as Crystal Ruth said,

"Every beginning surely comes to an end."

When we love, adore or even cherish,

we do it withall we have,

we give out every bit,

but just like that you quit.

Our story ended before it began.

We never even gave our love a chance. Not a touch or a smell nor a glance.

It hurts to love,

and cruel not to love,

but the worst of all is to Love in Vain.

As this love come and go,

remember to make it all count,

because you never know

when a new one will start.

Love is like tobacco,

once you start it's hard to let go.

It's something nice to hold onto though.

Don't get me wrong

I've been on the other end too,

which is the reason I prolong,

but this is how I learnt and how I grew,

to know that heart breaks can be from lovers too.


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