Nameless2022/06/09 22:36

It's about how black are hated because of their skin complexion.


It doesn't matter which country we're from?

America, India or Washington.

My skin color represents who I am.

am a black, a black woman.

I come from africa I am from Nigeria.

My black skin doesn't just tell me who I am.

It shows that am strong like a lion.

We get hated because of our colour.

Without justice, mercy or thoughts of our opinions.

Just because we come from a black region.

Doesn't matter if where white or black?

We should love each other in respect of the fact.

That were all humans and not our past.

Black is a colour of beauty.

Sweet and tasty like candy.

We have lovely glowing skin.

That brighten's outside and within.

am a black, a black woman.

Soft as ever our black skin.

We could appear fat or slim.

Our body Suits any kind of whether.

Be it spring, summer or winter.

Keep it in mind we're all humans

Color doesn't mean anything.

Racism kill's that's the thing.

Be proud of who we are

Be it white or black.

am a black, a black woman.


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