Clinging on

Samuel Chukwuka Chidi2022/06/09 09:50

Death experience

Clinging on

Clinging to the cliff,

holding tight and stiff,

so, I would be dead if not for the stick on the cliff?

I'm too far from the ground and down are bricks,

ready to tear me in piece,

if I was to fall off the cliff.

I sniffed, is this the smell of death?

I wish I didn't dare

I wish it was all a thought

I was too afraid to stare

I'm afraid if I did, I may call for death

I never wanted this, wait! I'm I really in the air?

"Hang on, please hang on" the tiny heads below kept requesting

I said to myself, are you sure you can answer this request?

my hands are bleeding and my weight highly increasing

Can someone please save me, I need to rest.

I screamed in pain and regrets, yet, no one was answering.

I asked myself, is this really my time to rest?

my left hand gave up first,

now am left with a twisted right hand,

filled with pain and lots of weight.

I heard a step, and I said 'at last I won't end up dead',

where are you? she asked, 'by your left' by your left'

Two of my right fingers gave up, and in me, I was dead.

lost the grip and I was held by someone I really hate

it's funny how someone I hated came and helped.

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