End and Beginning

Samuel Chukwuka Chidi2022/06/09 08:55

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End and Beginning

END AND BEGINNING by Samuel C.C ✍️✍️

It’s a default setting, it’s a default setting indeed

When he arrives, the human eyes plead to feed

He always lends an arm to horror, terror, and evil deeds

Never misses his period for anything or anyone.

He is a stranger to no one, cause his appearance is more than once

He is the end of a man and the beginning of man’s alien

The future doesn’t show up if he doesn’t do his job

He is so important, yet men pray against him befalling them

“I must be bright” they did blab, trying to clear him like a barb

Yet, he still shows up even after their claims and blame

He is a real friend, calm, gentle, reliable, quiet, but can sometimes be as loud as a bomb

At night, armed men, thieves, witches and darkness never seize to corrupt his name

Do you know that he helps the year become the year to the world, by always being there for the year?

He speeds the arrival of Christmas by being there every after day

Do you know he was known before you started to know? He has even seen the early men’s tears

He is really old! “time is older! time is older!” we did say

Don’t you know that he made time to be the time we know today by always being on time? Anyways to him cheers

He gave birth to today by appearing yesterday, he is the night we saw yesterday, the night we saw a day before yesterday and a knight we will see today and always.

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