Merm Guise

MarkDaPoet2022/06/08 17:32

You won't look amiss if you had fins,
You won't look wrong if you had hidden gills.
I'm tempted to get you wet with water,
Just like the stories, you could be from deep waters. 

A queen of the African coast,
Upper body adorned with seashells.
A queen with a crown of gold,
Lower body bades reality farewell.

They say your kind are dangerous,
That you lure men to a watery death.
But I've waded into waters that are murderous,
I've met you in a place of legend. 

Saw your eyes and didn't look at your claws,
A mixture of hate and undying love I saw.
If I should let myself fall,
I would forever be your Aquarius.



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