Can’t Get Over

Ferocious2022/06/08 02:47


I thought that I was over you

But why is it that every time I close my eyes

My mind would start to play back the times

That were shared together by you and I?

I could picture you smiling at me

As I would approach you sitting there.

How I loved the look on your face

Everytime you saw me!

When you left without saying much to me

I cried myself all day and night

Hoping that my tears could bring you back

Back to this world where you shared with me.

I wish I could get over this lonely feeling

But it seems that though time has passed

You still linger in my heart and in my mind

All so hopeful that one day you would come back.

Oh, this feeling is hurting me!

I wish I could get over with this now.

My mind wants to, but my heart says "No".

Oh, no! Tell me, what should I do?

*This is for my Mama and Papa.


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