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Reticent Scars

Bunmi2022/06/06 12:25

A Poem about Anxiety and Depression

Reticent Scars


I thought I could live without my dad

I had to love a life, sorrowful and sad

I rise and draw enough strength to sit

With my thought unclear, thickly fogged with mist

A film before my eyes, I'd stare at people in bewirldment

Could this be my antique dad, redirecting my steps

In my own little world

I could reminisce my dad last words

Is this authentically happening?

Am I still gasping?

Not having a dad can be really sad

This is beyond explanation

I whimpered for days in anticipation

I waited till it became a night mare

I want to be free of this rivers flowing down my muzzle

Am I Insane? But I'm still the same

Alas!! I got a notion

So I won't keep blubbering

I kept staring at the moon

I will be uniting with dad soon

And we will all be propitious again

This bedazzling Morning

I retreated with some money

I procured some pills

That would subsequently vouchsafe me peace

I was so blithe

My eyes were already culminating

Nobody from stopping

I was bleeding

I couldn't get help

Anxiety and Depression is Real



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